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As you can tell this is a new site that I will hopefully be developing further in the coming weeks. Two years before my father "Karl Angloher" died, he started to feel his own mortality and asked for me to look for any family he had. He was orphaned and until that time he and the rest of us were sure there was no one. With a little luck and lots of surprise we found he had a whole slew of brothers and sisters under the name "Asanger". He even got to meet them for the first time before he passed away. I since tthen decided to continue the search for more Anglohers and Asangers. Hopefully you are one of them. Being that "Angloher" is not the a very common name, it stands to reason that we are related somewhere on the tree line. I am doing this in the spirit of the great man my father was, the joy of understanding my heritage, and the simple joy of meeting new and interesting people. Won't you contribute too? I am working on making the website secure so the information is limited for review and secure for the detailed information. Anything you do not want published simply say so. I will abide by your wishes but will appreciate anything you can give me. I am only a generation or 2 in and have found many mysteries already. It's been very fun. Please share...
- Eric Wolfgang Angloher

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North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
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